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Rebeccah Verhoff-Kiss, Outreach & Education Officer, ServeOhio

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Meet the Class of 2019-2020: Ohio LeaderCorps Edition

Edwardian literature buffs will know the phrase “Only Connect!”—those two words are oft underlined in copies of E.M. Forester’s 1910 novel Howard’s End. The original context of the novel’s phrase has expanded over time—now “Only Connect!” seems to perfectly sum up the goals of the Ohio AmeriCorps LeaderCorps program. Our LeaderCorps program is designed to foster connection amongst the selected members, Ohio’s AmeriCorps programs, and those program’s and their communities. This statewide network strengthens the national service movement and promotes awareness of AmeriCorps across Ohio through outreach, regional collaboration, and member engagement.

Connecting the Dots:

The Ohio AmeriCorps LeaderCorps is comprised of representatives from each of Ohio’s AmeriCorps programs. The selected members assist their programs in organizing a National Day of Service project, hosting an AmeriCorps outreach presentation, and supporting volunteer recruitment. Overall, the LeaderCorps program exists to:

• Provide a forum for AmeriCorps members to network, interact, and learn about other

programs in the state.

• Raise awareness of the AmeriCorps identity in Ohio.

• Promote AmeriCorps as a meaningful and inclusive service opportunity for all Americans.

2019-2020 LeaderCorps Timeline:

October: LeaderCorps kicked off with two days of events starting with their orientation and followed by the AmeriCorps 25th Anniversary Event in Columbus. As part of the 25th Anniversary preparations the LeaderCorps members met with CNCS CEO, Barbara Stewart for a morning chat and helped set up the event space. Check out our 25th Anniversary video here!

January: The second LeaderCorps meeting focused on preparing members for creating and implementing a communications plan for AmeriCorps Week in March (March 8-14, 2020). Inspire PR Group walked members through the basics of sharing their AmeriCorps story.

Also in January, our LeaderCorps members were instrumental in the coordinating of several MLK Day of Service projects. In fact, projects from Ohio University (COMCorps), College Now Greater Cleveland (Ohio College Guides and the AmeriCorps Career Pathway Coaches) and YMCA of Central Ohio (Columbus City Corps) were all granted funding from ServeOhio. The College Now Greater Cleveland project is a collaboration with John Carroll University (Health Professions Affinity Community) and Horizon Education Centers (HEC: Family Engagement) that started at the October LeaderCorps meeting.

May: The 2019-2020 LeaderCorps will wrap up for the year with our May meeting—a celebration of their service for the year. 

Our Ohio AmeriCorps LeaderCorps program was implemented in 2018-2019 and turned out to be one of the highlights of 2019. This program year features a great group of members that are determined to support their AmeriCorps programs and introduce AmeriCorps to a wider network. The Ohio AmeriCorps LeaderCorps showcases connection at it’s most impactful.

Check out this AmeriCorps Member Spotlight to learn about one of our LeaderCorps members, Abbi Atkinson.

Written by: Ava Carvour, AmeriCorps Program Officer

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